Easy Appointment Booking

Use Locksmith to sell services with Easy Appointment Booking

Easy Appointment Booking is a Shopify app for bookings and appointments for any service, turning “Add to Cart” buttons into a “Select a Time” button allowing the customer to book an appointment.

It can be used with Locksmith to…

  • Filter events by zip code so that your customers see events available in their region

  • Password protect services for only those customers that can access it

Note: Easy Appointment Booking is offered by Servicify. Get assistance with this integration at getservicify.com/helpcenter, or by emailing hey@getservicify.com.


  1. Choose the product you want to use with Easy Appointment Booking

  2. Install the Easy Appointment Booking app from the Shopify App Store

  3. In Easy Appointment Booking, create an event using the product from Step 1. Configure the basic event details. There are prefilled options for you for the event duration and availability. See a tutorial video here: youtube.com/watch?v=v5sp-7DI_I8&ab_channel=Servicify

  4. You can now use Locksmith to add whatever access conditions you'd like to your newly created event product! For more guidance on creating locks, see our guide here.

Other features

Easy Appointment Booking can also be used to...

  • Send automatic email and SMS for confirmation, reminders, and follow-ups

  • Connect Google Calendar to avoid scheduling conflicts and double bookings

  • Generate Zoom and Google Meet links instantly for online events

  • Team members and locations have their own portal to manage bookings, with sales and booking reports available

  • Sync to Shopify Orders & Customers for easy reporting

  • Supports multiple languages, including French and German

  • Integrates with Zapier, allowing you to connect your bookings, appointments, and customer details to tools like Outlook, Excel, Hubspot, and more

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