Creating restricted wholesale products

How to use the Locksmith app to restrict access to wholesale products or wholesale-only content in your Shopify Online Store

Locksmith allows you to restrict access to any content in your Online store, so it is a great solution for those wanting to add wholesale products that can only be purchased by select customers. Plus, Locksmith works with whatever Shopify plan you're on!

Selling wholesale and retail in the same store

You can set up your store so that both sides of your business are run out of the same shop.

This is done by creating price tiers in your store. This requires that you create two versions of each of your products in the backend. This can be achieved by either duplicating products, or by using variant tiers.

In-depth setup instructions for this can be found here:

pageSetting up multiple price tiers

Creating a wholesale-only store

If your store is going to only be used for wholesale, and you don't need multiple price tiers in the same store, your setup will be more simple.

You can simply create a lock that covers your entire store:

For your key, you have options for how to grant access, but the recommended option here would be to simply use approved customer accounts:

pageApproving customer registrations

Or, if you prefer not to use customer accounts, and want to grant access with a simple code, try passcodes:

pagePasscode keys

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