Customizing the registration form

First thing to know is that Locksmith uses the built in customer account system that comes with your store! This means it doesn't create a separate registration form, sign-in form, or customer database.

All Shopify themes come with a registration form that includes Name, E-mail, and Password fields.

Many merchants want to collect more information from a customer when they register. Although Locksmith doesn't get involved directly with this process, you do have options here.

1. Simply request that your customers e-mail you the information

This is a simple solution to the issue and does work for some merchants. Use the Locksmith access-denied "Messages" area, which you can customize in the app, to let your customers know the contact email.

2. Edit the registration form in your theme directly

Shopify has a guide that will walk you through doing this. You can view that here.


  • Editing your own theme is free


  • Requires coding knowledge. (But, If you don't have coding knowledge, you can still hire an expert!)

  • Extra fields in the registration form end up as customer "notes". Saving unique customer data to the customer note doesnโ€™t allow much flexibility for using that data, or segmenting customers accordingly.

  • Changes the registration form for everyone which means that your different types of customers(I.e. wholesale and retail, if applicable) would be using the same registration form. You can still make the form usable for everyone by making the extra fields optional.

  • There is not an option to get notified when customers register.

3. Use a dedicated Shopify app

The Customer Fields app lets you create unique registration forms and add fields in an easy way. You can enable account approval, auto-tag customers, and receive email notifications when customers create or update their accounts. The Customer Fields app is not created by us, but we have had merchants have a lot of success with it!


  • Extremely easy to set up

  • Install forms nearly anywhere on your storefront (no coding required)

  • Choose whether to automatically create customer accounts in Shopify or require admin approval before an account is created

  • Create unique forms for different customer groups, or use conditional logic to show/hide fields for different users on one form

  • You can get notified by e-mail when the form is filled out!

  • Plenty of other features


  • It is, naturally, a paid app

4. Use a third party form-creating service

If you just need to collect information, and don't need to automatically do anything with it, it is always an option to use Google forms, Wufoo, or other online forms. There are some other great services out there that let you create a fully customized HTML form.


  • Free

  • Can be used to create a second registration to be used by some of your customers while leaving your regular registration form alone. (These accounts will still be funneled back to the same customer database.)

  • You can get notified by e-mail when the form is filled out!


  • The accounts are not automatically created which means you'll need to manually move the information over to Shopify from the third party app

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