Using the "Force open other locks" setting

How to deal with multiple overlapping locks preventing customers from accessing the content inside them

This setting is useful if you have multiple Locksmith locks that cover overlapping content (e.g. collection locks with some of the same products), and want to make sure that each lock grants full access to the content it covers, without other locks preventing access.

To turn on the "Force open other locks" setting, go to each applicable (overlapping) lock and follow these steps:

It is found directly under your keys in the section labelled "Key options":

You'll also notice that the Key icon now shows as green, which is a visual cue you can use to tell which of your keys are forcing open other locks.

Note: Since this is a key-specific setting, if you have multiple keys, make sure it is turned on for each key. Each key has its own key icon, so that's a quick way to tell if you have multiple keys.

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