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How to use a private browsing session

When testing Locksmith configurations, it's frequently useful to open a private browsing session, thus guaranteeing that neither Locksmith nor Shopify will remember any of your previous activity, giving you a clean slate to test with.
All major web browsers support private browsing. Here's how to start a session, in each browser:
  • Google Chrome: File → New Incognito Window (Ctrl+Shift+N, or Command+Shift+N)
  • Safari: File → New Private Window (Command+Shift+N)
  • Firefox: File → New Private Window (Ctrl+Shift+P, or Command+Shift+P)
  • Microsoft Edge: File → New InPrivate Window (Ctrl+Shift+N, or Command+Shift+N)
For more information, from the sources, on how to use "private session" (sometimes called an incognito window), use the following links: