Locking blog posts

Locksmith can search for and lock an entire blog, but doesn't search for individual blog posts/articles by default. If you type in "news" (or the title of your blog), you should be able to lock the whole blog, but that'll include every article in there by default.

To lock a specific blog post/article, try tagging it in your "Blog posts" page in the Shopify admin area, and then search for that tag in Locksmith. When you search for the tag, it will display as "articles tagged with...":

For more about how to add tags to blog posts, please visit Shopify's guide, below: Add tags to a blog post

After adding tags to your blog posts, if the tag doesn't show up right away when searching for it in-app, click on the "Update Locksmith" button on the Help page in the app. It should sync up in a minute or so.

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