Locksmith is not uninstalling correctly!

What to do when you're having issues uninstalling Locksmith from your theme

Locksmith was designed to integrate into your theme automatically, and pull out automatically as well. Our basic guide to removing Locksmith is here:

pageRemoving Locksmith

It can't, however, automatically remove custom code that's added to your shop theme, to support manual locking (e.g. for hiding price or add-to-cart buttons).

Because of this, Locksmith will NOT run an uninstallation if it detects custom manual locking code in your theme. If this is affecting you, you'll see this warning in the app, letting you know exactly which theme files contain the detected code:

How to fix this

If they're handy, contact the person who added the manual locking code to the theme, have them remove it, and return to Locksmith's "Help" area to run the removal one more time.

Or, do not hesitate to get in touch with us via email at team@uselocksmith.com and we'll help you with this as soon as we can!

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pageLocksmith isn't installing correctly!

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