Grow your subscriber lists with Klaviyo

To get started, navigate to the lock you'd like to use in Locksmith, then add the Klaviyo key, like so:

The first time you select this, Locksmith will prompt you for a Klaviyo API key:

Use the "from your Klaviyo account" link under the text box to open up the API Keys area of your Klaviyo account:

Click the "Create Private API Key" button to create a key for Locksmith. You'll see the new key on the next screen.

The scopes that Locksmith needs full access to from the Klaviyo API key are "List", "Profiles", and "Subscriptions":

Copy the API key:

Then, head back to Locksmith, where you'll be able to paste in the key. Click "Continue", and Locksmith will present you with a list of Klaviyo lists, to which your new subscribers will be saved.

Once your Locksmith configuration is to your liking (don't forget to customize the prompt!), hit the "Save" button. From here on out, new visitors to your locked resource will be required to subscribe before proceeding.

Note: any customers who are already in your list will be seamlessly granted access when they enter their email address, and will not be added as a duplicate.

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