Hiding products from product-grids

How to set up Locksmith locks to hide from collections, in-store searches, and any other product grids in your Shopify Online Store

Locksmith allows you to hide locked products from products grids across your store - including other collections and search result pages - only showing them to visitors that have gained access to the appropriate lock(s). This is turned on in your lock settings on your lock page:


  • Using third party apps that take over the display of your collections or searches will likely prevent Locksmith from hiding products correctly. Some apps excepted, most filtering/search/display apps are not compatible with hiding products via Locksmith.

  • Hiding a large number of products this way can introduce blank spaces to your collections. More information and workarounds here.

  • While this setting is capable of hiding products from the search results page, it does not remove products from dynamic/dropdown (shows results as you type) searches.

For more specific information regarding how locksmith works with your in-store search, including some troubleshooting steps, see our guide here:

Can Locksmith hide content from my in-store search?

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