Combining key conditions

At times, you'll want to permit visitors to access a resource if several conditions are met. This can be a method of increasing security: you might, for example, require visitors to arrive at your sale collection via a secret link, but then you'll want them to also provide their personal passcode.

All of Locksmith's key conditions can be combined with all other key conditions. (For the full list, see Types of key conditions.) This is powerful! It means you can start to chain pieces of authorization logic together, to achieve really specific results.


To configure a combination key, begin by creating a standard key using whatever your first condition ought to be. Then, use the "Edit" link (shown next to the condition description). Scroll down to "+ Add key condition". Locksmith will prompt you to add a second condition, which you then configure in exactly the same way as the first.

Note that you'll see another "+ Add key condition" link, appearing in the key settings of your second condition. Yes, you may continue chaining conditions as needed – there are no limits here. :)

Using the example from earlier, in which a secret link condition is combined with a passcode condition, here's a demonstration:

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