Excluding content from locks

How to use Locksmith's "always permit" key condition to make sure your some of your content doesn't become locked

This is useful if you have a lock on a collection, but want specific products still available. Or if you have a lock on your "entire store", but want specific pages always accessible.

It's a quick setup: you'll actually create a lock directly on the content that you want to be unlocked. This can be anything such an entire collection, a product, page, blog, etc.

Once you've added the lock, use the key condition labelled "always permit":

Save the lock, and you're done.

The "lock" that you've just created becomes a sort of anti-lock, so the product, collection, etc that you've placed it one will now always be available.

You may need to create multiple locks like this if you have multiple areas of your store that you would like to remain accessible.

The force open other locks setting is useful if you have multiple locks with overlapping content. This usually means locked collections with some of the same products. If this is you, check out our guide here:

pageUsing the "Force open other locks" setting

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