AI Search & Product Filter by Sobooster

AI Search & Product Filter is a Shopify app designed to help improve your store's search and filter experience, and help customers find products quickly using an AI-powered Search Engine.

Note: This AI Search & Product Filter integration with Locksmith is managed and set up by the Sobooster team. For assistance, contact Sobooster support at Detailed information about this integration can be found here:


Sobooster has developed an integration using Locksmith's publicly available Storefront API. This integration is designed to filter out products locked by Locksmith from appearing in the "AI Search & Product Filter" app's search results and collection lists for your Shopify Online Store's sales channel.

Locksmith operates within the Liquid template layer of your Shopify theme and is not able to hide products from third-party apps' search and collection lists. This integration allows merchants to leverage Sobooster's third-party search and collection filtering while ensuring products protected by Locksmith are dynamically filtered out.

If your interested in finding out more about using Locksmith's Storefront API for an integration like this one, checkout our Locksmith Storefront API guide here:

Locksmith Storefront API

How to integrate

To enable this integration for your store, please get in touch the Sobooster team directly via email at

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