I switched themes, and Locksmith isn't working.

The solution: trigger a new Locksmith install for your theme

Click the "Help" button, and then click the blue "Update Locksmith" button:

When changing around themes, Locksmith needs to be re-installed each time you do this. To initiate a new theme install on your currently published theme, press the "Update Locksmith" button on the "Help" page:

This will trigger a full reinstall of Locksmith's code into your theme - this is important, because Locksmith is able to do what it does via Liquid code in your shop's theme.

Using manual locking?

This is important! If you are using Locksmith for price hiding or other types of manual locking, or any other type of Locksmith code manually added to your theme by a developer or our team, you'll need to re-instate the code changes in your new theme.

If this is the case, contact us via email at team@uselocksmith.com, and we'll be happy to add the manual code to your new theme for you.

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