Restricting customers to a specific collection

With Locksmith, it is simple to lock down a specific collection, so that it can only be viewed by a specific set of customers. However, some merchants want to take it one step further and make sure that those customers can only access their collection, while the rest of the store is restricted to them.

Part 1: Create the collection lock

Add a lock to the collection that you want these customers to access. Use the search bar in Locksmith to search for the collection by name:
Make sure the "Master key" setting is turned on for this lock. This setting is important.Use the following guide to do this: Using the master key setting:

Part 2: Create a lock covering the rest of the store

In order to make sure that these customers can't see the rest of your store, you need to actually add a lock to your "entire shop":
For your key condition, you need to use the opposite of the first key condition:
For this key:
1. Using the following to invert the key
The result is the opposite of the original key condition: